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 Laxatives For Weight Loss

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Certain weight loss therapies are fast emerging as very successful in capturing the attention of the fairer sex which in turn has driven them towards their own destruction. Most frequently, young gals get hooked to the laxatives and diuretics manufactured and later marketed by multinational drug companies; consume them haphazardly without any medical supervision to acquire a spotless, slim figure.

The use of laxatives by women for quick weight loss is increasingly being associated with their abnormal behavior which is again a clear sign of their psychological disorder. Research has found that most of these women have suffered distress in life and have used laxatives as a means to attain mental tranquility. It is highly possible for a young girl to be frustrated over her looks, for a married lady over that perfect figure which made her hubby go crazy in those courting days and which now appears lifeless, with a huge bulge distending outwards. By equating thinness with success and attractiveness, women of the modern world try to achieve dreamy figures by hook or by crook and in the long run reap unimaginably disastrous results.

But what laxatives really do? Their function is to cleanse the large bowel of waste materials which is feasible only after food and calorie absorption in the small intestine. Few years back, FDA`s Food Advisory Committee postulated a supposition that bowel movements triggered off by the use of laxatives do not effectively reduce absorption of calories. It happens because the laxatives do not work on the small intestine, but rather on the colon, the end part of the bowel. This breakthrough revelation by FDA has fostered doubts in minds over the potentiality of laxatives in triggering off weight loss by vacating undesired materials from the large intestine.

And what about the pain and harm that would inevitably set off once the use of laxatives become a routine affair? Laxatives are a potential curse that has befallen the human race; are addictions impossible to leave once you get accustomed to them. Laxative addiction and laxative abuse are threatening terms, capable of instant backfire by retarding the metabolism and digestion process of the body as well as by accelerating abnormal heartbeats. A frequently used women's laxative Docustate Sod Oral is found to induce throat ache and rectal bleeding. It has also been evident that laxative ingredient phenolphthalein can cause cancer risks for people using it for a long period.

But who dares to instruct and deliver these facts straight to those ladies for whom looks matter more than life? Well, a physician will also elaborate on the side-effects before prescribing any treatment. It is up to the patient to have complete information about the medications being undertaken. But in case the patient is reluctant to discover the basic facts of a drug before administering it he would suffer and his life would soon come to an end. So, are these consequences desirable? Of course not for a lady with a rational bent of mind; one who is conscious of her welfare.

Instead of subjecting the precious body to these risky experiments,wouldn`t it be wise to take a soft stance,say,by eating fruits and vegetables, regular exercising and wage a war against obesity? Life is not like a movie which can be enjoyed later on once it is missed out. Tread your steps carefully as there are no retakes in life. Go for laxatives if you can jump over fire and remain unscathed. If not, then beware of this potential threat to your system.
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Laxatives For Weight Loss
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