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 Get Rid Of Cellulite Forever

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So you want to get rid of cellulite. You want a lovely, smooth body, free from all those lumps and bumps which cellulite causes? Cellulite is caused by a change to the fat stored immediately under the skin, which causes it to form into little lumps which give the characteristic orange peel effect to the skin. This is a great exercise, which not only reduces the amount of this fat and helps you to get rid of cellulite, but also gives a smoother appearance to your skin and can be used by both men and women!

The way to get rid of cellulite is to reduce the excess fat under the skin to a minimum. The exercise to achieve this requires some equipment. You have to be able to lie comfortably down on your stomach. You can get rid of cellulite with a good leg extension while lying on your stomach, so a low table, bench or even hard bed will do; something you can lie on with your legs overhanging the end.

You will also need a set of dumbbells from around 10 to 30 lb. You will start with the lower weight and work up to the higher. You can start lower than 10 if you must, but since it's a hard form of fat, you won't get rid of cellulite without some effort.

Lie down flat on your stomach, with your legs overhanging the bench or bed (knees at the edge). Hold the weights between the arches of both feet (get someone to help position them if you can), then raise you feet as high as you can, bending at the knees. You can rest on your elbows if this helps. Drop the feet again as low as possible and repeat. The number of repetitions is up to you, but a good starting point would be 10 repetitions, rest 5 minutes, then another 10. The quicker you want to get rid of cellulite, the more repetitions you should carry out.

Once it gets easier, switch to two sets of 20 repetitions. Once you are able to do this with ease, change to a higher weight. You should work at this over time until you are able to carry out 30 repetitions with the 30 lb weight. You will be able to get rid of cellulite in no time, and your legs will be much stronger.

As you increase the weight above around 15lb, you should protect your ankles. The exercises can be carried out wearing ankle socks, but shoes or trainers will be necessary as protection with the higher weights. This will avoid both abrasion and possible injury if the weights slip. It will also be essential to have someone available to position the heavier weights between your feet.

Once you become experienced with this exercise, you can also pick up the weights with your hands, and raise both arms and legs with the weights. This will not only enable you get rid of cellulite, but will strengthen your leg, arm and back muscles. Do not attempt these exercises if you have any back problems.

Keep this up for about 15 minutes a day for a couple of weeks, and you will find your legs becoming smoother, and the cellulite disappearing. The exercise is designed to get rid of cellulite and is extremely effective.
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Get Rid Of Cellulite Forever
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