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 Top Rated Diet Pills

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Dex-lio Hoodia Gordonii natural appetite suppressant

There is conflicting evidance for this diet pill. For each person that says hoodia gordonii works to control their appetite there is another that says it doesn't. If you want to try hoodia gordonii the best thing to do is to make sure you are getting the real thing, certified hoodia gordonii from south africa. There are a lot of experts that say hoodia gordonii is a lot safer than most over-the-counter diet pills, but really there is no evidence for or against hoodia gordonii. The best thing is just to try it out for yourself. How hoodia works is to slow down your appetite therefore you will not want to eat as much.

Lean System 7

There have been a couple of studies for this pill and the evidence seems to suggest that lean system 7 does have positive effects to slow down your metabolic rate. The main ingredient of this pill is 7-keto and over a period of about 8 weeks you should see some results. Lean system 7 also contains bitter orange and green tea extract stimulants. Most experts advise as with most diet pills, that it is unwise to use this over a long period of time as there is just too little information over its long term safty.


Phentermine has been around since the 1950's so this is probably the most proven diet drug out there. As with most diet pills, it should only be used for a short-term usage. After about 12 weeks it could negatively affect blood pressure and can be addictive. This is another appetite suppressant and under a doctor's suppervision, phentermine can provide a short-term boost to the unset of weight for obese people.
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Top Rated Diet Pills
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