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 Obesity - Is Being Extremely Overweight An Epidemic?

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PostSubject: Obesity - Is Being Extremely Overweight An Epidemic?   Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:55 pm

More often than not the answer to this question posed will be a "Yes". An epidemic is a situation where by the disease grows and this disease is growing in couches and sofas. Obesity is spreading across the world. The people worst affected by this disease is the people of age group beyond forty. This is the group that is now ruling the world. The rest is a minuscule population. How is this becoming an epidemic? This is a state of mind. You are obese and infect the mind of the people who you are working with and are living with. The "don't care" attitude about your body sets in. This is how it spreads. You are encouraging other people to take the simpler route out. Cut the roots. What are the roots? The roots are laziness, eating habit and living habits. Eating habits include consuming junk food, taking bites in between meals, living on street food and drinking beverages. You got the right to decide your life, provided you don't infect others with your habits, but then don't throw your life away.

Today if you are forty, remember your college days when you would like to flirt around with any girl. Would that girl like you if you were like you are now? So all you should do is realize if you are obese and take steps to come out of the epidemic, stop it from spreading.

Did you realize that a normal sized person has something between thirty to thirty five billion fat cells? I am talking about a normal person not a fat person. For a fat person the fat cells are more in number depending on how fat he / she are. One tends to grow fat due to his / her lack of physical activity (living habits) and dietary habits as discussed in the above paragraph.

With the advancement of our living life styles, there is not much a person can do about this. The drug companies have realized this and brought out a wide variety of diet pills in the market. Not all of them are successful. But then, obesity put you in a graver risk of you suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, gall bladder disease and some forms of cancers. These diseases are going to affect your life in a very bad way. Phentermine is a diet pill that is quite effective to suppress your elephantine appetite. Phentermine helps you loose weight without much ado. They help you to start out your control of your hunger. From there, you got to take over. Stick to healthy foods and follow a healthy diet. You can supplement this with a work out in your neighbor hood gym for three days a week. All you are going to loose is some weight but see what you gain in return, a healthy life.

Let's work towards striking the epidemic at its roots and clear the way for a healthy life.
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Obesity - Is Being Extremely Overweight An Epidemic?
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