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 Appetite Suppressant Supplements

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Willpower From Popping a Pill? Well, Yes!

Appetite suppressant supplements are one of the most popular diet pills marketed and purchased today. Why is that you ask? Well, they actually help a lot of people to "get back in line" after periods of binging such as the holidays, by helping to decrease appetite and get back into a normal, healthy eating routine in order to lose weight or even just to prevent over eating.

Appetite suppressants are usually designed to help suppress certain hormones or even parts of the brain associated with appetite. They actually help suppress the receptors that carry "hunger signals" to the hypothalamus, the center of your brain which controls appetite. How do they do this? Well, it depends on the type of supplement you choose.

Hoodia Gordonii - The Latest Fad in Weight Loss and Hunger Control

Some supplements such as the much touted natural hunger suppressor Hoodia Gordonii, are said to contain an actual molecule named P57 that actually copies the effects of glucose in the brain and helps to prolong feelings of fullness and prevent hunger from even beginning in the first place.

Results with Hoodia have been mixed, but the general consensus is that it is a pretty good natural appetite suppressant and has worked to help people reduce their caloric intake and therefore lose weight with less effort and hunger than if they did not take the supplement.

The Less Talked About, But Perhaps More Multifunctional Appetite Suppressant - Herbal Phentermine

Another diet pill that acts as an appetite suppressant, but also doubles as a fat burner and thermogenic calorie optimizer (meaning it helps the body to burn more calories faster, and utilize them properly rather than converting them to fat and extra weight), is natural Fen-Phen, or herbal Phentermine.

Remember Fen-Phen and all of the negative publicity it received after causing several health complications and even deaths? It was pulled from the market, but its dramatic effects on weightloss and appetite control could not be forgotten.

Herbal companies came up with an herbal alternative to Fen-Phen, most of the time dubbed herbal phentermine or something to that effect, which was a safe and comparable supplement to the now FDA banned Fen-Phen. If you find a good herbal phentermine, you will find your cravings reduced and an overall decrease in appetite wihtout the jitters. It also helps to increase your energy levels, unlike Hoodia which is primarily used as a straight appetite suppressant. Herbal phentermine is also non addictive, unlike its prescription counterpart.

Supplements containing a high fiber content can also help to stimulate a feeling of fullness since fiber expands in your stomach, helping create and sustain the feeling of fullness as well as helping to sustain healthy blood sugar levels longer. If you drink plenty of water, this helps fiber to expand in your stomach.

The only thing I don't like about supplements with fiber or just taking fiber to control appetite is that if you take too much fiber, it can actually have a constipating effect rather than a cleansing effect. Fiber must be taken with caution and careful measurement - or must not be taken at all and instead incorporated into the foods you eat on a daily basis.

Whichever appetite control supplement you end up choosing, make sure it is made with high quality and purity standards - this way you get what you pay for and are not disappointed in the results you attain. One thing is for sure, appetite suppressing supplements are a great way to go to get yourself back on track and on your way to a healthy, sleek physique!
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Appetite Suppressant Supplements
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