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 Is Yoga Helpful To Cure Obesity?

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Is Yoga Helpful To Cure Obesity? Empty
PostSubject: Is Yoga Helpful To Cure Obesity?   Is Yoga Helpful To Cure Obesity? EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 4:54 pm

Yoga is a one of the oldest exercise of ancient times. Yoga is not only an exercise but it can cure your body imperfection and increase the concentration power of your mind. To know about yoga it's important to know the meaning of yoga first. The name yoga is really simple but it has so many features. It can cure your body imperfection like kyphosis. Kyphosis is the limitation in which the spine angles in 'C' shape. This defect generates due to wrong sitting habits. In yoga there are so many asnas which can cure this defect e.g. bhujang asana. Bhujang means positioning your body in a Snake like position. By practicing bhujang asana any one can cure this defect.

There are lot many other problems that can be cured through Yoga The best remedy for any disease. Now these days' a large number of people are facing the problem of obesity. To fight the obesity they are using so many techniques like gastric bypass surgery, diet pills and health clubs. But not every person can use these techniques and don't help in long term management. Today's famous techniques are gastric bypass and diet pills. In USA a large number of people are using diet pills. Use of pills like phentermine, didrex and adipex results people in dependency on these medicines for their fitness. Because once stopping the use of there pills u will gain the weight. So it's good to use diet pills for those who are too over weight and want their body to come in its original shape. After loosing weight through diet pills what is the next step for retaining the fitness? Here is the situation where people got confused. It's the time when they need to choose the best technique for retaining their fitness.

Now here we have yoga the simple answer. Even yoga has the capability to reduce the excess pounds. You can loose 20 to 25 kg weight by practicing yoga for just one and a half month. I think when people read this line they don't believe that 25 kg in just one and a half month. But for all this you need to be honest and sincere about the yoga program. For reduction of excess pounds is the simple program you can practice. For this you need to get up early in the morning and drink around 5 to 6 glasses of water in fasting to get the best result from asana of yoga named 'pranayam'.

Pranayam means control of breath. Pranayam is the combination of two words 'Pran' and 'ayam'. Pran means the life and ayam means control it means control of life. Pranayam improves your concentration power, eye-sight, your brain recalling power, breathing power, your heart beat and the main it can help you to shed the unwanted pounds which you have put on due to your busy regular schedule. Some people think how can they do practice pranayam? It's very simple just sit in the open airy place and close your eyes and take large deep breathe. After few minutes try to hold your breath for few seconds and try to increase the interval of breathing. Don't breathe very fast take breath slowly yoga is a slow process.
Advantages of Pranayam:
There are so many characteristics of pranayam. It increases the number of RBCs in the blood. The main problem which increases obesity is the malfunctioning of our digestive system; yoga improves the digestive power and hence helps to fight with the vast evil named "obesity". It also improves the concentration power and our recalling power.

So at the end the best way to stay healthy and keep away the evil of obesity is to keep our digestive system healthy and little bit of yoga also so as to avoid any kind of improper functioning of the body. So stay healthy with yoga.
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Is Yoga Helpful To Cure Obesity?
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