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 How To Fight Obesity - Let's Lose Weight!

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How To Fight Obesity - Let's Lose Weight! Empty
PostSubject: How To Fight Obesity - Let's Lose Weight!   How To Fight Obesity - Let's Lose Weight! EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 4:54 pm

Are you over weight? This is a question that you would pose yourself if people turn and look at you when you are walking down the road. Another clear indication that you are over weight is that when you enter a room there is hushed silence and people look t you and talk in whispers. It may also be something else if you are a controversial figure, but you should realize that it high time for you to start working on your weigh problem.

America has been declared a culture where by people tend to get over weight. If this problem is not addressed at this level then it turns up as obesity. Sixty four percent of Americans are over weight. Of this twenty four percent are declared obese. This is the tendency in the last few years only. There was a time we as Americans were an exemplary to the rest of the world. After 300 years of our freedom we have started to take things in a laid down fashion literally. This has proved worse with the development of modern technology, with transportation being the first step.

What are you going to do about this? Let's work out, in addition let's follow a few basics so that we can cut down on our weight. The basics being, (a) let's use skimmed milk in our coffee instead of whole milk. This is going to cut down on a few hundred calories every day provided you are an avid coffee drinker. Cut down on sugar in your coffee. Do not compensate sugar for skimmed milk. Better still if you could use sugar replacements like sugar free. (b) Go in for fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables give you fiber in your diet which is very good in reducing fat. It also helps in keeping plenty of other diseases and germs at bay, adding to good digestion. (c) For people who cannot do without non-vegetarian food, please stick to lean fish, chicken and turkey. Avoid red meat. This is very rich in fat content. You should go in for red meat only on your visits to the Antarctica. (d) Avoid soft drinks whether diet or no diet. Drink plenty of water. It gives you a healthy glow. You can avoid a lot unwanted calories by this. (e) In a case where you are eating out, avoid fried foods. First you can stay healthy, next you can cut down on weight. The most important foods to be avoided are junk food from around the corner.

Now you got to something, something like a light form of exercise, you can plan your workouts. Now the way to start your initiative, take Phentermine. This is a tried and tested drug in the field. This is basically a sympathomimetic amine. This works in a way where by it increases you heart rate and also decreases your blood pressure. This in turn decreases your appetite. It will provide you with the necessary initiative to go on a diet and start exercising.
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How To Fight Obesity - Let's Lose Weight!
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