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 Appetite: A Better Option for a Healthy Well Being

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Appetite: A Better Option for a Healthy Well Being Empty
PostSubject: Appetite: A Better Option for a Healthy Well Being   Appetite: A Better Option for a Healthy Well Being EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 5:43 pm

"Appetite" is related with hunger. It is in fact the desire or an urge to eat. All living creatures experience appetite. It serves as a procedure to regulate energy to maintain effective metabolic needs. Appetite is regulated by a close interplay and inter-relation between digestive tract, adipose tissue and the brain. Loss of appetite is termed as anorexia.

The sensors and the effectors within the body play an important role in the regulation of appetite. The part of the brain which is considered to be the main regulatory organ for appetite is the hypothalamus. The sensors through its various numbers of hormones namely the leptin, ghrelin, orexin, etc modifies the hypothalamus responses of the brain and works as a machinery for the regulation of appetite. Furthermore, the biological clock which is also regulated by the hypothalamus modifies hunger. Further the cerebral cortex projects a lot on the hypothalamus and modifies appetite.

Everyone desires for a well toned physique. But how to maintain it is the question which is in the mind of many. The basic solution to this is to control the appetite. But controlling appetite is not at all an easy procedure as while it may sound simple to control appetite but it is very difficult to actually get control of it. But there is nothing to worry about it as for now we have an easy solution to it and they are the diet control pills and also the fat diets on the basis of which it has become much easier to put a check on one's appetite. Diet control pills in this aspect like Phentermine, Adipex and Xenical works wonder as appetite suppressant. Moreover, Atkins Diet plan, the three phases South Beach Diet programme and the Sugar Busters nutritional lifestyle are some of the easy options of diet controls. Besides these, reducing hunger by way of drinking lots of water, adding fiber to our diet, stimulating natural sunlight to the skin and by avoiding carbohydrates to the diet are certain other options for diet control.

Appetite suppressants are short term supplements for weight reducing processes which is advisable only during the first few weeks of the programme of losing weight. These supplements are found in the form of medicines which is advisable to be undertaken through doctor's prescription. People suffering from allergies, people following low calorie diets, pregnant women, mothers nursing babies, children below 16 years of age, older adults and persons undertaking other medicines should consult doctors before undertaking such suppressants.
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Appetite: A Better Option for a Healthy Well Being
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