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 Losing Weight With Weight Loss Drugs

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In today's world where being overweight is becoming a commonplace condition; this problem is now affecting a large number of children of school entry age. For some, the decision is simple and they just write out a check for the surgery but others prefer the harder approach of actually getting fit and controlling their diet. Unfortunately others that can't wait to get rid of their extra pounds decide to take the quickest way out through the use of weight loss drugs.

These drugs usually work buy telling the brain it's no longer hungry, stimulating metabolism to aid the shedding of excess fat. The problem arose when it was found that one of the side effects from this type of drug was the increased risk of heart valve disease and of course the drug was quickly withdrawn from use. Newer drugs were developed and started to be prescribed by physicians and dieticians, some of these drugs are currently waiting for the Federal Drug Administration go ahead.

You may in fact know someone who has used these pills at some time and has first hand experience of how effective they can be. To many it is a wonder drug and let's be honest, if you could lose weight that easily without having to sacrifice anything in the process, you would take them as well. This approach has seen consumers spend millions of dollars every year and has generated huge profits for the drug companies who manufacture and sell the weight loss drug.

Even with all the testing and new techniques available for manufacturers, many side effects like nausea and diarrhea still exist with the new generation of weight control pills which, incidentally, can still be purchased over the counter. You must check the packet carefully before you decide to use them because some of the other side effects can be even more harmful, like the possibility of a heart attack or even a stroke, with hallucinations, tremors, breathing problems and convulsions all recorded as side effects for users of these drugs.

The side effects will depend on the person taking the medicine and can be related to their lifestyle; a consultation with the doctor first, rather than buying them over the counter, can help to reduce side effects; stopping using the drugs completely may not eradicate all the problems they may have caused. Problems like irritability, tiredness, vomiting, stomach pains and sleep problems are all common effects reported when someone stops taking these weight control pills.

Whilst the effectiveness of these weight loss drugs is not in question, they are more effective if they are used alongside a controlled diet and exercise regime. This type of diet requires a balance of the food groups to ensure a proper intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber, almost all of which can be bought at your local supermarket but may require a little preparation.

Exercising will need to be carried out if you want to benefit from the healthy food option but this probably needs to be worked out in advance with your physician. A good exercise plan with the use of weights will help improve the body's ability to burn off the calories and maintain a healthy heart.
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Losing Weight With Weight Loss Drugs
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