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 How Does Hoodia 57 Work?

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PostSubject: How Does Hoodia 57 Work?   Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:33 pm

Hoodia 57 is another entrant in the growing "Hoodia Gordonii" market of weight loss products. It, like its competing products, is able to help you lose weight by effectively controlling your appetite. It does with an all-natural ingredient called "Hoodia Gordonii", which is a herb that is found in South Africa.

Hoodia 57 does not contain many of the side effects that more powerful products, such as Phentermine, are prone to inducing. As well, Hoodia 57 costs much less than a prescription strength product. Because of this a lot of people (myself included) are trying out various Hoodia products to see if there's one that might work for them.

The Logic behind Hoodia

There are only so many reasons that someone will gain weight. They may eat too much, or perhaps they are not active and thus not burning enough calories during the day. The fact remains that the sole reason behind weight gain is a caloric surplus (consuming more calories than are burned).

A pill like Hoodia works entirely on the idea that finding a way to reduce the amount of calories you consume is more effective than finding a way to burn more calories. The latter option often results in products that dangerously increase your metabolic rate or act like a stripped down version of "speed".

Hoodia 57 utilizes Hoodia Gordonii, and it works by causing your brain to think that it's less hungry than it really is. So yes, you will still eat, and no, it's not going to cause you to stave to death. However, you may find yourself being able to only eat half of what you normally do. You'll probably skip all the snacks that you would normally have during the day, and smaller meals will almost always be enough.

It might sound as if this pill is doing something that's not possible, but keep in mind that the brain controls all aspects of your body. If the brain malfunctions, you can see, hear, feel, and even taste things that aren't real or aren't even there. This same concept, though applied in a much less intense way, is the reason that products like Hoodia 57 are able to be so effective.

The Impact of Hoodia

The sole impact of Hoodia 57 on your body is a reduced appetite. Unlike other products, there are no stimulants within Hoodia 57. This means that your heart rate, metabolism, or body temperature stay the same. This avoids feeling "the shakes", which is a common side effect of many diet pills.

I should mention that the effects of Hoodia 57 only last while you are taking the pill, and users that do not wish to remain on it forever should take some time to adjust their eating habits so that, once they are off Hoodia 57, they will not simply regain all of the weight.
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How Does Hoodia 57 Work?
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